Deine was founded in Canada and first started by a single skincare enthusiast chemist. The chemist experienced and witnessed many beauty products in the industry with many unnecessary or harmful ingredients, not really ideal for the skin. 

Using all the experiences, science, passion, and expertise, Deine was created, to recreate a fresh new take and vision of skincare products.


Deine is a modern approach to standard beauty brands, through the eyes of a chemist. We specialize in rose infused skin solutions to deliver luxurious quality at affordable prices without harmful and unnecessary chemicals. At Deine, we promise natural, high quality, and minimal products to help you achieve your definition of beauty.

Deine means “Yours” in German, which is exactly what we want you to feel with our brand. Our logo represents infinite beauty. 


“Beauty is yours. Beauty is DEINE.”

Our products are carefully curated and designed with scientific knowledge. Inspired by the skin nourishing benefit of roses, each product is also formulated with the highest standard of natural ingredients. Deine's values stand by high quality, natural, and minimalism. Our vision is to provide a premium, luxurious experience at an affordable price for every product we create. 

For business collaborations, potential partnerships, bulk orders please contact us at: info@deine.ca