Based and made in Canada. Did you know DEINE means "Yours"? At DEINE, we want to advocate that beauty should be YOURS to define, hence beauty is yours. Our logo symbolizes a minimalist ribbon, shaped as infinity - to represent the gift of giving, luxury, minimalism, and infinite beauty. We want to create minimalist products with luxurious quality at an affordable price that makes your skin feel amazing. Our products are proudly made in Canada, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. You can be sure that all our products are cruelty-free, paraben free and petroleum free.


DEINE was created and first started by a single skincare enthusiast chemist, who experienced and witnessed many beauty products in the industry and market with many unnecessary or harmful ingredients, not really ideal for the skin. Using all the experiences, science, passion, and expertise, DEINE was created, to recreate a fresh new take and vision of skincare products and how they should feel.


Our products are carefully thought out and designed with care and scientific knowledge, that works! We treat each product with extreme effort, as you can tell we take as long as we need to create a new product. A product should not be rushed. We want it to be perfect before releasing. We stand by: High quality. High standards. Natural. Minimal and simple.

"Beauty is yours. Beauty is DEINE. A unique experience for the skincare minimalist."
Lisa John

Jane Doe

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